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Enjoy this Moment

Two weeks ago we all moved our clocks forward one hour. Now I confess to you that I am a creature of habit, so anytime that I have to “re-teach” myself how to readjust the time on my watch and vehicle clocks (which is always a task…and don’t even get me started on the microwave), I tend to get a little frustrated. On top of that frustration (and adding insult to injury), we actually lose a full hour of sleep!

Now to be fair, after re-learning how to adjust my clocks and giving a day or so to let my internal clock adjust, I must say that I was happy to see the sunset begin at about 7:00pm. Well, that happiness was short lived because the next morning when I woke up at 6:30am to take my dog for our morning walk, it was still dark and guess what? I was frustrated again.

As I walked through the dark with my dog Sampson, I had opportunity to think and I wondered to myself “Why can’t we just leave these clocks alone?!” As I was mulling over this question however, I found myself witnessing one of the most beautiful sunrises that I had ever seen and happiness returned as I realized that, if we had left the clocks alone, I would not be witnessing this amazing beauty. More importantly, everything in me realized something else: Spring is now here; a season of renewal as nature awakes from its hibernation.

Guess what?  That happiness continued over the next few days as I began to notice that the birds were singing about 5:00am announcing the sunrise; trees were blooming along with the tulips and daffodils.  To be candid, I have been in a great mood every day, all day since!

Noticing all of the beauty the last two weeks has made me realize that Spring is a season for all creatures, including humans to begin to step out of their slumber and enjoy the sun on their face, the scent of a newly blossomed flower and the extra hour of daylight with which we blessed. That frustrating time change has allowed me to invite family and friends over to enjoy the taste of a hamburger and a brat on a grill; a grill that two weeks ago was covered with a dusty tarp. Reflecting the joys of spring, those gathered for the barbeque enjoyed conversation and laughter around the picnic table over chips and salsa.  Rather than staying connected over the phone (as we had during the dark winter), I was able to sit around the table and look into the faces of those for whom I care.

What did that extra hour bring?  It brought laughter, people together and families closer.  Spring is a time to renew relationships, invite someone out for an early cup of coffee or to enjoy an evening drink on a patio. It is a blessing that I realize should be embraced and anticipated every year.  It seems to me, all of that is worth one less hour of sleep, don’t you think?