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home health aides Canon City Denver Aurora Delta MontroseJoleen Castellano, Agency Manager

Email: JoleenC@PeopleCareHS.com
My name is Joleen Castellano [and] I am very happy and excited to be a part of the PeopleCare Health Services team! I was born and raised in Trinidad, Colorado and have three sisters and two brothers, one older sister and the rest younger. I am a mother to a five-year-old boy…” and “…one thing you will come to know about me is I love being a mom. I have a wonderful fiancé and a seven-year-old step daughter. We love having a good time outside riding 4wheelers, going for walks, fishing, and camping. My family and I relocated to Pueblo, Colorado; we needed change and a bigger city. I have always had [a] passion to help people strive to live a better life, especially at home. I have been in the health care [industry] since 201a, starting as a caregiver and worked my way up to agency manager for a home care agency. I also worked in a nursing facility since 2012 where I received my CNA and Medication Aide license. I am looking forward to continuing [to pursue] my passion with PeopleCare Health Services and being able to continue helping people; having a positive impact on their lives!

home health aides Canon City Denver Aurora Delta MontroseAnnick Payne, Care Coordinator

Email: AnnickP@PeopleCareHS.com

“ We learned that people will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

I am part of a culturally diverse family. With my mother’s side being immigrants, striving for the American Dream, I am reminded of how grateful I must be to live and serve because of the blessing of freedom. Not so long ago and not so far away people deal with poverty, sickness and hunger so it is my duty to give back. I am fortunate to come from a long line of determined individuals who have instilled those values in me. On my father’s side I have seen and learned so much about character and the importance of integrity. The Late Dr. Eden, a Pueblo native, was a great source of inspiration for me, and showed me that no matter what I did in life, it would be my actions and integrity that would stand out. I am proud to call all of them family. I was born in sunny California and raised in the great state of Texas. My dad, being in the Air Force, was stationed here in Colorado where he grew up, and has remained since. Colorado is where I met my husband and have raised my daughter. It means so much to me to do my part and give back to this community that has given me so much, and I am proud to serve this area. I started my career in the arts, wanting to be a journalist/photographer and receiving a degree from the Art Institute, but I found that my heart lies in helping hands-on. Art is still in my soul but I enjoy the day to day interactions here and am excited to expand my horizons.

home health aides Canon City Denver Aurora Delta MontroseJessica Juarez, Care Coordinator

Email: JessicaJ@PeopleCareHS.com

Hello from Sanford, CO, a very small, tight-knit community in the San Luis Valley. I have lived here all of my life and have enjoyed raising all five of my children here. I have been married to my husband for 21 years and am also a grandmother to four boys.  We enjoy camping, fishing and any quality time we can spend together. My interest in health care started 21 years ago when my son with special needs became a regular client of the health care community and during this time, I have had the pleasure to meet very caring and giving people. I wanted to somehow give back what had been given to us and that passion led me to employment for five years in a medical clinic as part of the office support team. As much as I loved that position, I wanted a position that would allow more interaction with people and that led me to my last position within a skilled nursing facility as the Social Service Director for the last five years. Being able to be involved in the everyday life of resident’s as well as the relationships I was able to make with both the residents and their families was very rewarding. I love the bond and trust that I made with each resident. More than that, I am very thankful for the life’s lessons I learned from the resident’s stories (which I always enjoyed hearing). Even though I thoroughly enjoyed that position, I still wanted to be in a position that allowed me to spend more quality, personal one on one time with clients. That drive is what led me to come across an ad for the position with PeopleCare Health Services and I am excited to be able to provide service to the community and begin a new exciting chapter in my life. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason I was led to PeopleCare Health Services.

peoplecare home health care coloradoMeghan Orlando, Care Coordinator

Email: MeghanO@PeopleCareHS.com

I am super excited to join the People Care team! I have just recently moved here from New Jersey and love living in the natural beauty that is Colorado! Before finding PeopleCare, I was a massage therapist specializing in pre-natal and craniosacral therapies (and was lucky enough to manage a wonderful team of therapists). Before my massage career, I worked with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, which was one of the most rewarding positions I have ever held. I am so excited to continue my work with PeopleCare!