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Life isn’t easy.  It is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and more surprises than we know what to do with.  Whether our decisions and actions have produced consequences or life has just handed us lemons or diamonds, we have responsibility in how we act, respond and treat others.  We will make mistakes, we will fall down and we will let people down. We will rise, we will succeed and we will show kindness.

Ownership is acknowledging our part in both positive and negative consequences and our responsibility of that ownership is working with others to deal with how they are effected by those consequences.  Have you ever heard the old saying that someone else’s perception is now your reality?  Whether you agree with that statement or not, I would challenge you to come up with an example where that is not true.  Ownership gives us and others the chance to process and work through emotions, feelings and perceptions.  It is not always the destination that is important but the journey we take and how we treat other people along the way.