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Innate Traits of Team Members


  • Exhibits willingness and ability to receive critical feedback (“Take criticism seriously, not personally.”)
  • Demonstrates an intangible “hunger” to know and understand more
  • Is humble, realizing we are human, owning mistakes quickly and offering solutions for improving in the future
  • Embodies the idea that it is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit

Sense of Humor

  • Able to laugh at themselves and with others
  • Strikes an appropriate balance of levity with their professionalism


  • Exhibits self-awareness, realizing others see our “blind spots”
  • Always speaks in terms of “we,” not “I” with regard to company mission and efforts
  • Shows appropriate self-control and discipline
  • Able to think beyond themselves, separating personal from professional


  • Actively seeks to see the positive in almost any situation or circumstance
  • Actively resists a posture of cynicism or negativity
  • Possesses an encouraging/affirming nature

Work Ethic

  • Is consistently on time and ready to contribute
  • Realizes the “extra mile” really isn’t all that far
  • Does “what it takes” to complete the job thoroughly and successfully


  • Exhibits a “chemistry,” an ease about them with all team members
  • Exhibits genuine appreciation for all team members across the organization
  • Shares praise corporately and criticism privately
  • Holds an unwavering belief that we can accomplish more together than alone