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PeopleTalks Videos

PeopleTalks: Medical Aid in Dying (MAID)

PeopleCare Health Service hosted a webinar discussing the effects of MAID. If you wish to watch the full version contact the corporate office at 720-863-1500 or send us a message on our social media platforms. The video provided in this webinar is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juPri_0eN3M

PeopleCare Health Services does not have any policy regarding Medical Aid in Dying. As we continue to evaluate the policy we will let our clients and caregiver know when we implement one. Colorado Proud and Community Strong!

PeopleTalks: What you can do to prevent Alzheimers

Our monthly peopletalks topic was on Alzheimers and how to identify and prevent the disease.

We opened up with a TED talk video which can be found here: https://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_genova…

Followed by live discussions and comments.

Special thanks to the following individuals: Christy Pfost, RN for PeopleCare Health Services Phil Gibson, Director of Marketing and Business Development Devin Omoto, Education and Media Specialist

Links that was mentioned in the video: Family Caregiver Books (Alzheimer’s Association) https://www.alz.org/library/downloads… Best Alzheimer’s Books of 2017 https://www.caring.com/articles/best-… Treatment Horizon http://www.alz.org/research/science/a…