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PeopleCare Health Services Accounting & Finance Team

home healthcare service denver coDave Gutierrez, Billing/Collections Specialist

Email: DavidG@PeopleCareHS.com

I was born in Elgin, IL. I have three children from a prior marriage (Keller – 21, Shelby -19, and Gabby -17), who live in Fort Wayne, IN. I graduated from Larkin High School in 1986 and from Judson College in 1991. More recently I obtained my MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in 2003. I played basketball both in high school and college and also played the tuba in high school. I am a “true” Chicago guy so I root for the South Siders (White Sox) along with the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks. I enjoy spending time with my family and also enjoy walking, reading, traveling, and of course dining out.

Professionally, I have worked in retail sales, brokerage and finance, banking, and most recently was an Auditor for the State of Indiana for the past twelve years.

I enjoy working with kids and I’ve been a Big Brother, officiated middle and high school basketball, and coached AAU basketball over the past 20 years.

Sydney Leiker, Payroll/Benefits Specialist

Email: SydneyL@PeopleCareHS.com

My name is Sydney Leiker and I am the Payroll/Benefits Specialist for People Care. I am a native of Aurora, Colorado and have seen this city grow in leaps and bounds. My background is in accounting, specializing in auditing. I was an EMT for a number of years before entering into my accounting career and really love helping people. I have a passion for pottery and especially enjoy time in my studio on the weekends.  I have two beautiful cats and enjoy my time with them as well.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having human experience.”

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Diana Richards, Staff Accountant

Email: DianaR@PeopleCareHS.com

I was born with asthma and especially suffered from it during high school. Day and night, while in great pain, and feeling very alone, I feared for my next breath. One night, the nebulizer that was practically my only source of relief would not turn on, and I began to panic. My brother ran to the bathroom, washed out a lotion bottle, slid the top of the bottle into the back of the nebulizer, and put the mouthpiece in my mouth. When I inhaled, he squeezed the lotion bottle to force air into the mouthpiece to nebulize the medicine into my mouth. Another time, one of my lungs collapsed. The morning after a tube had been placed in it, the doctor appeared at my bedside to say he was surprised I made it through the night. When I told him a couple years later that I was going to become an athlete, he reminded me that I had a hard time walking across the room.

Soon thereafter, I began to run. I ran a block, and spent most of the night on my nebulizer. But, I continued to run and my lungs became clearer. After a year, I could run a mile. I persevered and running continued to heal me. I added biking. I commuted to work, rode Ride the Rockies twice, and explored the coast of Oregon and the islands of Maine. Then I began running 33 flights of stairs 3 times twice a week. I did this for years during which time a doctor pronounced me in top athletic condition. I had made it! After the diagnosis that I had no more cartilage in my knees, I regretfully left running and stair climbing behind, but kept biking and added hiking, low impact conditioning, and weight lifting. My motto became “Exercise Cures Everything.” I live by it.

Besides the gift of health and a fascinating career path as a CPA and accounting software consultant, I am blessed to have been married to my wonderful husband for twenty-two years. In addition to profiling candidates to help companies hire the right person for the job and performing team development using team profiling, he is currently restoring our mountain home. Faith in God and Jesus Christ is our strength. Our trust in Him frames our view of the world and guides us to live in anticipation of a truly awesome eternity.

And now, I am blessed to be working in the Accounting Department at PeopleCare, a company whose mission is to care for people with debilitating health issues. I feel for each one of these people from an inside perspective of what it feels like to have a poor quality of life and even a lack of hope. I value each one of you for your part in the mission and look forward to meeting more of you in the time to come.

Catherine Evenson, Financial Analyst for the West Office

Email: CatherineE@PeopleCareHS.com

Steven SteeleSteven Steele, Validation Specialist for the South Office

Email: StevenS@PeopleCareHS.com

Hello, my name is Steven Steele. I was born and raised in southern California and moved to Colorado five years ago after graduating from college. My background is in software, quality assurance and reporting, and I’m excited to learn and grow in this customer service based position.

clatourChandler Latour, Validation Specialist for the West Office

Email: ChandlerL@PeopleCareHS.com

Native Coloradan. Runner. Tech enthusiast.

Man of few words.

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Natalie Radic, Validation Specialist

Email: NatalieR@PeopleCareHS.com

I am an ‘almost Colorado Native’ who was born in Los Angeles, California and forced to move to Colorado against my will when I was 14. Twelve years later I’m still here residing in Denver. I am an outdoor enthusiast who absolutely loves hiking and snowboarding. Live music is another of my passions and I definitely enjoy taking full advantage of Red Rocks in the summertime. All of my immediate family reside in Colorado except my youngest sister who is currently living in Seattle, Washington. Sunday night family dinners are always a great escape from the usual everyday craziness. I have a four-year-old American bulldog named Chancelor who is the best companion a girl could ask for and the love of my life. He always joins me on my hiking adventures.

I have prior medical billing, IT, and extensive customer service experience. I really look forward to furthering my knowledge with such an exciting and promising company. I don’t exactly know what my career niche is yet, but I believe that being a part of this team will definitely shape and mold that path for me. Serving and helping others is truly a passion of mine and I look forward to what the future holds for me with PeopleCare.

“If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Marc Anthony